Stage 3.5 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit (2015+ Volkswagen GTI 2.0L, 2015+ Audi A4 2.0L, 2015+ Audi A5 2.0L)

Stage 3.5 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit (2015+ Volkswagen GTI 2.0L, 2015+ Audi A4 2.0L, 2015+ Audi A5 2.0L)

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This is a complete Low Pressure Fuel Pump kit designed to upgrade your factory LPFP assembly to make it 100% E85 capable while also increasing volume.  The kit comes with a new Genuine Walbro 525 Hellcat Pump and full warranty as we are Authorized Walbro Retailer. 

This fuel pump is Genuine capable of supporting up to 500whp on E85 when matched with our high flow fuel lines and proper tuning.

This kit requires the use of one of an aftermarket fuel pump controller or proper software changes in the ECU to control the pump.  Failure to implement one of these two options can possibly cause damage to your factory fuel pump controller.  We prefer having software change in the ECU over aftermarket fuel pump controllers that are available at this time, please check with your tuner to see if this is something they can do for you before purchase.


  • Trade-in:
    • Our design was targeted to remove the need for sending your stock fuel pump assembly in for modification.  This means less down time and a great reduction in shipping cost as well.  Best of all you end up with your pump in the condition it was in when you pulled it from the car and run no risk of getting a housing back that is in poor condition.
  •  Rebuild:
    • If you do prefer however to have someone else do the work we are here for you.  We offer 24 hour turn around in most instances from the time your pump arrives until the time it is headed back to you.  Though we do offer this solution we encourage our customers to at least attempt the install first it is very easy and should take 30min to 1 hour for complete assembly and install.
  • This kit comes with the following items:
    • Our unit is a complete plug and play system with only minimal assembly skill required
    • A new E85 certified Walbro F90000285 (525) pump
    • A genuine Walbro filter
    • A fully CNC machined anodized aluminum fuel pump mount
    • Custom machined anodized aluminum ventrui line fitting
    • Custom machined anodized aluminum fuel pump adapter for stock fitment
    • Stainless Steel hardware for assembly
    • Viton seals to maintain full E85 compliance