Propulsive Dynamics ZF6HP21 Master Kit

Propulsive Dynamics ZF6HP21 Master Kit

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The PRECISION RACEWORKS HI-PERFORMANCE ZF6HP21 MASTER KIT designed by our sister company Propulsive Dynamics combines all the necessary components for a complete performance transmission build into one complete package. 

This kit has been tested and proven on cars around the globe from 600whp up to 957whp!  We rate the kit at 800wtq because people expect a rating but the truth is we have never found the limit! These clutches will never be the cause of shift problems or problems holding power other components in the drive line will become the limiting factor.

That is why our kit is the #1 choice of everyone from weekend warrior to the most competitive racer.

Complete Transmission Builds require you to provide freight shipping to and from our facility.  Please call us at 877-447-6297 M-F 8am to 5pm CST for further details.

What comes in the Master Kit?

- Performance Clutches 

- Performance Bushings 

- Overhaul Seal Kit

    - Sonnax Zip Kit

- Valve Body Plate (063 plate included, if you need the 065 *535i e-shift* plate please let us know prior to ordering)

    - Transmission Filter

Additional Parts Required

- Purchase and use of XHP stage 3

- Pentison ATF 1 Transmission Fluid

Optional Parts

- New or Re-manufactured Torque Converter

- Valve Solenoids


Stack out option:
This option is for the customer that really want's to DIY the transmission but doesn't have any of the specialty tools or doesn't really feel up to the task at hand.  This option includes everything listed above except we handle most of the assembly for you.  For this option you simply remove the bolts holding the oil pump and remove the stack from the transmission (it slides out) we then assemble the guts you ship us and send them back your way.  This option takes us about 48-72 hours from the time we receive your components until they are headed back your way.

Full Build Option:
Please call for additional information.


Actual Product Weight: 27lbs



Fits these transmissions: ZF6HP21

Package Contents:  All seals, O-rings, Gaskets, bushings, zip kit, valve body plate, clutches, pan/filter