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Precision Raceworks -6AN High Flow Supply Line


Precision Raceworks is now offering a Low Pressure Fuel Pump to High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade line set. This line set is for those looking to extend the range of their fuel system in order to support more power. This kit will connect exactly like the factory line while running new -6AN Fuel Line all the way up to the stock high pressure fuel pump, giving you the added fuel delivery.  This kit removes all restrictions in factory line set and is needed for all cars looking to exceed 450whp (it removes strain on the pump at lower power levels as well).

Line set ships as a kit to use directly to high pressure fuel pump or to Precision Raceworks MPI fuel system.


  • Install Option 1 (Direct to High Pressure Pump)
  1.   For customers without our MPI kit start by cutting the blue anodize fuel fitting off the line about 1" behind the fitting. 
  2.   Using the worm clamp provided connect the line directly to the High Pressure Fuel Pump.
  3.   Cover the oth