DBV2 Hybrid IS38 8V Audi A3 Journal Bearing

DBV2 Hybrid IS38 8V Audi A3 Journal Bearing

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We are pleased to offer our very own, completely redesigned DBV2 Hybrid IS38 turbo. This turbo is currently offered for the MK7 Golf R and GTI, 8V A3/S3 MQB Platform. This turbo is designed with performance and reliability in mind and created to solve all known issues with the IS38 turbocharger from factory. We have removed the Kevlar insert in favour of a purely custom machined insert. This Kevlar insert has a very common tenancy to shred and send itself into the internals of your IS38. With our machined insert, this is now impossible.

Our next major improvement is our machined housings and Billet compressor wheel. We have put a Billet TD06 compressor wheel in the OEM housing to increase the IS38's power output. This compressor wheel is lighter than the OEM wheel, has extended tips and a 6+6 configuration to increase flow and hold big power up top on the powerband. Where the OEM IS38 falls off, the DBV2 Hybrid pulls hard and holds boost.
The turbine wheel is also a completely new design. To keep a fast spool, we are using a high flowing and lightweight 9 blade design. This turbine will ensure more efficient flow and quicker spool over the OEM IS38. We have covered every aspect of the IS38's short-comings. 

Additionally, we also include all necessary braided stainless oil lines and our very own turbo muffler delete as well. This is a bolt on, complete package from DBV2 Sport Imports. 
We also offer tuning solutions through Eurodyne! We offer a discounted rate for tuning with purchase of our Hybrid IS38. Contact us for more information.
To go along with your turbo we are also a Precision Raceworks dealer. We can offer discounts on your fueling upgrades as well. Contact us for more information.

DBV2 Hybrid IS38 Specifications:
Compressor Wheel
-V1 Forged billet aluminum, extended tip 6+6 or 9+0 compressor
-V2 Forged billet aluminum, extended tip 5+5 compressor
Turbine Wheel
-High flow, lightweight, fast spooling 9 blade turbine with clipped design
-Precision CNC machined compressor and turbine housings to house the larger wheels and upgraded center section
-Robust thrust bearing design with high surface area to withstand high boost pressures
-Retains OEM housing clocking for easy fitment
-Stock appearance
-Component balanced 
-1 year standard warranty
-Stainless Braided Oil Lines
-DBV2 Turbo Muffler Delete
Optional Extras: 
Turbine housing ceramic coating - $115
For excellent heat management in the engine bay.
Exhaust Porting - $115
Port the exhaust side of your turbo to match the gasket size, ensuring best possible flow!