DBV2 G30 MQB Turbo Kit

DBV2 G30 MQB Turbo Kit

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After years of working with the EA888.3 engine popularly found in the VW Golf R and GTI, Audi A3, S3 and TTS we are excited to announce the DBV2 900 line of turbo kits utilizing the Garrett Motion G30-900 G Series line of turbos. That's right, nothing based on, designed from, modeled on, this is a straight factory Garrett setup. 

What is on offer here is a complete kit that implements the tried and true pneumatic external wastegate boost control strategy. This is a departure from the problematic OEM electronic actuator which struggles to consistently cope with the boost pressures required to make higher horsepower.

With the all new Garrett G series G30 line, Garrett has harnessed the very best response, power potential, and packaging which are best suited for the MQB platform. The combination of wheel aerodynamic, wheel weight and high quality wheel materials make this turbo not only powerful, and responsive, but also reliable.

Based on dyno testing and real world data, this turbo is capable of making north of 700 wheel horsepower on a very impressive 35-37psi of boost and our compliments of high flow components such as full 3.5 inch turbo inlet, T3 adapter, 3.5 inch full downpipe, 2.75"/2.5” full intercooler piping ensures that this turbo kit will always perform optimally.

The T3 turbo is mounted to the cylinder head by means of our completely custom made in Ontario, Canada, CNC machined head-to turbo-adapter with provisions for wastegate port and primary O2 sensor.  The turbo kit also comes complete with our full 3.5 inch downpipe that fits seamlessly and ensure for optimal exhaust flow using our designed and CNC machined flanges specifically for Garrett mid-frame turbos. Priority given to firewall clearance along with ensuring overall packaging is as compact and easy to install as possible. Having achieved this, we are confident to release.

When it comes to boost control we trade out the OEM wastegate actuator lieu of a Turbosmart Gen-V WG45 Hypergate. We trade the OEM diverter valve for the Turbosmart Race Port Blow Off Valve Gen-V. We also opted to include the Go Fast Bits GForce 3 with three port mac solenoid to provide precise and responsive boost control.

With our kit being externally gated there are 2 options for routing these exhaust gasses: Recirculated back into the downpipe or dumped to atmosphere using our custom open dump tube.

This is the only kit on the market to offer consumer a full supporting hardware kit to take the guesswork out of the process, allowing consumer to focus on tuning. 

What’s included?

  • Original Garrett Motion G-Series G30-900
  • DBV2 T3 turbo adapter
  • DBV2 3.5" downpipe (Recirculated optional)
  • DBV2 Charge pipe kit
  • DBV2 4-3.5" turbo inlet
  • DBV2 2" gate dump tube (optional)
  • Turbosmart Gen V BOV
  • Turbosmart Hypergate 45
  • GFB Force3 Boost controller
  • V-band and T-bolt clamp kit using Vibrant components
  • Oil and Coolant lines using Vibrant components

Recommend supporting modifications : Built short block (upgraded rods, pistons, bearings) Built and Ported cylinder head (aftermarket valve springs, retainers, guides and valve seals) High flow intake manifold High flow aftermarket stock location intercooler or big core custom front mount 2 step colder spark plugs 3.5 or 4 inch intake 1300cc injectors Fuel system capable of supporting 700whp Custom Big turbo ECU and TCU tune Aftermarket Clutch kit for MT6 customers Aftermarket mounts Aftermarket catback exhaust

Open dump wastegate setup shown in photos

Coated downpipe/wategate dump shown in photos - non coated by default config

Intake shown in photos - not included by default config

Fabrication completed in Ontario, Canada by GT Customs Exhaust & Fabrications
Machine work completed in Ontario, Canada

*Base kit before addons are turbo and adapter*